Hangover on the Train

They always make you think of other painful journeys – coming back from Cardiff with an overly loud stag do – and inevitably how much nicer Virgin’s first class is than this Bristol service.

Cheshire whistles by, my head still pounds (but the bacon is starting to work) and the loud girl across from me keeps droning on, and I wonder, once again why I’m not still in bed on a damp Saturday morning.
I always like pulling into Stoke station, it always reminds me of Hungary – not the grey skies or even the endless red brick, but the way the University sits just in front of the town from the tracks is exactly the same as one of the stations there. It was one I was going to stop off for lunch in, (I forget the name of the place) but didn’t in the end. I can’t remember why now, but I think it was because I was half asleep – I still wish I had though – It looked like a nice place, and if nothing else, it would be another pin in the map.
The villages of Staffordshire (Stone in this case) truly make you understand England’s fundamental problem: if you want to live in a nice house, then you have to live in the middle of nowhere – or worse, the South. Urban England lacks the space of Urban America, a land of, and for, fat people – with large cars, large houses and large doorways. To get that here you need to either be good at football, and therefore live in Cheshire, or else build a mansion in the expansive wastelands of Linconshire.
I’ve just changed trains in Bristol, and have made a monumental cock-up. The hangover is now at the ‘I need water and sugar’ phase – the simple answer for this is clearly Ribena. The balls-up however, is that I followed my ticketing instructions and changed at the smaller of the two Bristol stations. The one without a shop. Had I stayed on for one more stop, I could have gone to Smith’s and at least partly quenched my thirst and calmed my headache – instead I sit here thirsty and annoyed waiting for the train to move.

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