Too Many I’s

And so we do,

Now I’m sat in a cafe just off Istıklal Cad. wıth a stray kitten staring at me wıth my slightly-more-than-a pint. Just a few hours left now; probably enough for a wander, another pint or two and maybe a bit of shopping so I don’t have to face to Lira-Sterling conversion rate that seems to have collapsed in the past three days.
Once I get home, the task I suppose, will be to actually type up these musings and ramblings – it turns out the plan to type them day by day is a bit unrealistic in a hostel with only one PC, and at that, one with a bloody Turkısh keyboard (naturally with half the letters rubbed off). Once again a reminder that a proper trip will require a computer so that I can document my musing and bullshitting effectively into the intenet ether.
nb. I actually have managed to type this all up, so far, in the hostel, although the keyboard is still driving me mental – especiallu having two I’s (one ı without a dot, and the other i wıth)

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