Off to the Christmas Markets

Edinburgh Airport

As ever, another quick little weekend away finds me sat quite comfortably in Edinburgh Airport with the old classic pre-11am coffee-and-cointreau combination. We’re about to head off on the second of three trips across four weekends, this time to Munich for a wander around the Christmas markets, a couple of litres of beer and, as you do in Germany, the odd sausage or two.

It’s been a fairly pleasant little run in to Christmas with a trip to London the other week, a party dressed in a reindeer onesie last week (no photos, of course), this weekend off to Bavaria, and then the usual trip to the English enclave of Silicon Valley after next weekend.

The trip down to London turned out to be quite a solid little wander around the centre mainly going between booze and food, with a semi-eventful train trip out to Bath for lunch with one of Lotte’s friends. On our particular day, one of the train signals between Bath and Bristol had decided it didn’t want to work – this in itself probably wouldn’t have been a huge problem for us, had they felt it worth mentioning any sooner than about three minutes post leaving Paddington station…

Anything before that would have allowed us to consider other options, but instead we enjoyed a slow, crawling journey direct to Bristol (via a different route) and then an entertaining taxi ride with the first cabbie I’ve ever come across who was actually interesting to talk to. All in all though, this left the friends, with 6 month old child in tow, waiting an extra hour and a half for us!

The day was ultimately a pretty good laugh though, finished off with a wander around the Bath Christmas markets, and a few evening London pints to round it out.

So then, on to this weekend – which while probably pan out in a not-dissimilar fashion – of wandering around many of Munich’s Christmas markets, probably a church or two (because that’s what you do when you travel to Europe), and a brauhaus or three to round the trip off with stein-loads of cold, fizzy Bavarian lager. The more I think about it (and the more I write), the more it sounds like a pretty ideal weekend!

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