Nothing But Time, a Beach, Beer and the Sun: Kassiopi, Corfu

Kassiopi, Corfu
Sunset over Imerolia
Sunset over the Imerolia headland

A summer Ryanair flight to anywhere (especially somewhere sunny) always brings a certain element of dread and a certain crowd that, no matter what, have managed to be far drunker than me by the 730am boarding time. The one yesterday morning wasn’t any different, but all-in-all could have been far worse, and as we got off and out of the airport at the other end, it was clear to see a crowd head for the bus to Kavos, and then the remainder sort of scatter for all variety of other busses out to other places around the island.

For us though, it was a pleasent little wait in the sun for the local ‘blue bus’ to take us from the airport to the main bus station. I’d not managed to find anything online about getting from the airport to the bus terminal – aside from a 15 minute walk in the hot July sun, or a taxi), but immediately as we stepped outside the building, there was a big sign for the bus that goes between the aiport and the cruise ship port, with stops for the “long-distance” busses and the main city, Kerkira (or Corfu Town) in between.

A grand total of a handful of euros later and a bit over an hour, and we’d got the green bus up to Kassiopi and wandered our way from the town to our room around the cove in Imerolia.

Kassiopi Harbour
Kassiopi Harbour

The hamlet of Imerolia (I can’t think of the word for a place smaller than that…) consists of a couple of homes/apartments that look like they rent out to tourists, the studio flats we’re in, which are holiday rentals that I think compare pretty equally on price and quality to a private 2-person room in a hostel, and then a fish taverna and bar directly underneath, which is meant to be stunning. This is all sandwiched between a main road and a narrow pebbly beach out into the stunning little bay. All with views over to Albania in the distance.

Kassiopi is by far the main town in this little North-Eastern corner of Corfu. It’s still only a little place with three roads that meet in the town square – one that runs along the town’s beach and then out to Imerolia and the rest of the North Island, one past a few shops, bars and restaurants and then down South back towards Corfu Town, and then the third on that winds down past more bars, tavernas and the like to the harbour, itself surrounded by pleasant little drinking holes and eateries.

Greek flag over Imerolia harbour
Imerolia harbour from the hotel balcony

It’s by no means a backpacker town – you probably could wander in here and find somewhere to stay but there’s not a hostel that I’ve seen nor really that crowd. To be fair, I imagine they stay closer to the main Town, or are heading for the party scene down in Kavos. It is very much, however, a holiday-maker town. We wandered out for a few beers and some food last night and I think I counted maybe three Greek accents (serving us in the Taverna) and pretty much everyone else (including bar staff, the ice cream shop, etc) was English…not even elsewhere in Europe but specifically English, which is a bit of an odd sensation when my travelling usually takes me far, far away from an English accent.

It is a pleasant little place though. Provided you can handle hot, dry weather, pebbly beaches with lovely warm, floatable water, cold and not-all-that-bad lager and some decent, if not overly exciting food options, then Kassiopi is a good little spot for an escape from the realities of life for a few days.

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