Bloody Palin…

I dont know if im tired of being underpaid and overworked, a bit bored of not knowing where my jobs going, or if its Michael Palin’s ‘new’ (to Dave) travel programme around Europe, but that whole walkabout is starting to sound really good again. I think a part of it was Palin being in Budapest, which is one of the coolest places Ive ever been. He managed to provide me with a few more things I want to see there, plus a few other places over in that bit of the world.
Random week’s away will do for a bit, and even the thought in the back of my mind to take three weeks at some point next year and have a bit of a wander, but i just dont know if that will do it. A proper traipse around the world is something I really want to do, and something that i dont think will go away.
I could keep working, in my sort-of good job, but im not entirely sure if thats going to keep me going. I like what I do, but the money sucks, and I’m slowly losing the desire to stay in England because the salary will never really get better, BUT, if I go back to the US, what will i do; I barely know what i do now…
Anywho, its Turkey in August, but next year I’m going to need something better. If theres a bit of money available, but still no big reason to stay in my shitty house with my mediocre paycheck, then its probably America, but the long, overland way round. If I dont quite get that far, then I think its back to eastern Europe.
I’d do Rome or Paris or somewhere like that, but I think they take a bit too long to fit into the kind of time I could actually get off of work. Maybe start up in Northern Italy, and wander through Ljubljana towards Budapest (again), maybe with a swing past Zagreb, which is supposed to be a pretty sweet place.
After that, what can I do? I dunno, wander up and over through cool old places, drink some beer, drink some tea, eat some awesome food from all sorts of places and then eventually end up at some airport of other and drift back into life at work…
But, inevitably, I end up just sitting here, wondering where I might be able to get to, what I might be able to see, and who I might be able to go drinking with.
But until then, um…well I suppose I’ll just drift around google maps and think about where I might get to go one day.

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