What a Start

23/12/12 – About half eight-ish in the morning

Well, far be it from me to ever find cause to moan on a transatlantic flight in cattle class, but I’m only in the pub at Manchester, and already I’m having a stormer!

To start with, I’m already a bit devastated that the best seat on the plane had already been taken when I checked in. Alas! Instead I today get someone in front of me, putting their seat back while I’m eating my tea! (I imagine – we’ll have to wait and see, won’t we…) Nope, instead I’m two rows back, in 42H – an aisle seat, still near the booze, but just not as good, buried in amongst the rest of the crap seats – leg room that wouldn’t be spacious to a dwarf!

Ah well! hopefully last night’s wine and this morning’s pint (plus whatever’s to come) will conk me out quite pleasantly…that or I’ll do what I did last year and drink a litre of Red Label!

So, the start then…well, uneventful train to the airport, then all the ‘up’ escalators were off, so a nice working out hauling my (it turns out) 24 kilo bag up a few of them. Check in (bag drop) was nice and easy, although looking to the zoo to my left made be once again vow never to fly back to the States on American Airlines! Seriously – my queues had maybe five people in it, that one had a few hundred!!

Anywho, after that I got the slightly mental (at half seven in the morning) frizzy haired girl at passport check, who wants a conversation. This becomes the standard going home?/uh, sort of/you live here now/yep/where… conversation that a US passport and an English accent always seem to bring on me. And then we get on to actually scanning my boarding pass! Now I, like many technologically minded travellers (I imagine) choose to avail myself of the mobile app boarding pass. Now, this has in the past confused Americans, but their backwardness is forgivable, even if it was in the major international airport nearest Silicon Valley!!! Well, the crazy girl trying to scan it starts babbling on about zooming (it doesn’t) something about modern technology (she’s younger than me) and a few other things (I zoned out). As she is in the motion of pulling it away and giving up (and probably planning to send me back to check in to get a paper one like San Francisco often does), it gets it, beeps and away we go! She says something further, I smile weakly and toddle along to the next queue.

The next queue is the ‘scan your carry-on/fondle your goods’ bit. This went smoothly. Not a beep! Then it gets to the putting my crap back in my pockets bit. As usual I’ve forgotten to leave my change at home and so do the usual ‘pick up the tray and pour it into my hand’ jobbie. In the process, I drop a pound coin. Without even blinking, the woman next to me bends down, grabs it and pockets it! Without a thought she goes back to her stuff. Speechless with shock, I walk away. Truly couldn’t even find the words…

Ah well, almost boarding time. And that’s just Manchester. Still a lovely trip to come yet, I’m sure.

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