SIM Cards, Cell Phones and Sod all for your Money

So, off once again, and despite the excitement of getting 5000-odd miles from home, I still cant quite be arsed. And that’s because to get there, I have to once again squeeze myself into the proverbial lower decks of the Zong: British Airways famed cattle class seats, designed to be slightly thinner than the average gentleman’s shoulder width, and with just enough leg room to fit a standard British femur.
The booze makes up for it slightly, but they stop serving about two hours in, and the process of extricating ones lower extremities from the intricacies of ones excretory system do prove a solid deterrent, even with an aisle seat.
To top this off, I’ve had, over the past few hours, the joys of searching for some sort of mobile phone coverage for two weeks in America. So far my options seem to be stick with Orange, so that I pay extortionately to call anyone, and they pay likewise to call me (not gonna work), go with ATT/Verizon/Sprint/whoever else and pay more for two weeks than I normally do in a month, plus pay for a phone I don’t want, or do the above with ATT, get a SIM only (which I assume I will also pay for) and pay Orange 20 quid for the honour of unlocking my phone.
And without doing this, I can’t go drinking with people I haven’t seen for months/years, which is largely why I go back at all.
And my sister’s wedding, but that’s sort of the point of the trip.
I shouldn’t gripe about a trip to California, with a bit of luck it might even be sunny. Most would see it as the holiday of a lifetime (or at least a ‘big’ one to be interspersed over a few years with trips to Wales, the Lake District or other equally damp and local places.
The trouble is, it just isn’t. it’s two weeks holiday at home, and while it’s lovely to see everyone again, it’s a month’s salary to go home, and another year until I can go and see something cool (August’s potential few day trip to Turkey notwithstanding).
Ah well, maybe all these airmiles will pay off one day, and I’ll actually be able to find a flight that BA will let me use them on, and I can start the chase for tea, foreign beer and cool looking old stuff once again.

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