Somewhere between Trieste and Venice, Italy

Well, all in all not to bad a journey to a baking hot Trieste. I’m now convinced I should have stuck with my Bled plan, but oh well. I got into Trieste somewhere around 3ish, and immediately realised I’d forgot to look up hostels to put on my map. For some reason, this city isn’t in the LP either, bizarrely they’ve skipped this quite large city entirely.

I had a quick wander to see if anything stuck out, then found a travel agent in the station, who advised that Trieste has only one hostel, a bit out to the edge of town. Not convinced, I found an internet cafe round the corner, which not to sound all white-devil-panicky, felt a bit seedy in a bunch-of-guys-watching-jihady-videos-on-youtube kind of way. After a quick 10 minutes on, I confirmed there is only one, and it’s booked up tonight! A quick search later and I’ve now got a bed booked, reasonably centrally (although it’s clear from the price I’m not in the Balkans now) in Venice.

So now I’m on another train, back past Gorizia to Venice. It’s now a gorgeous, blue, warm afternoon, and all in all, it’s been a bit of a ball ache across four trains, albeit through some lovely countryside. Oh well. Dinner when I get in, then a wander around Venice tomorrow, and Wednesday morning, then worst of all, back to real life.  

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