Somewhere between Jesenice and Nova Gorica, Slovenia

I woke up at about 6 this morning to the sound of torrential rain, the sort of open the taps rain that bodes well for being indoors and no a lot else. A bit of a look at Google weather confirmed it would be like this up at Bled, and also in Venice and Trieste. Rather than hiding up around the lake then, I figured I might as well make it a travel day and head for Trieste, which would take a good few hours. 

The Julian Alps

The train, it turns out, goes through Bled anyway, with a change before going back through the other Bled station. The view is spectacular, up in the Alps, and it turns out that so too, is the weather…It’s overcast, but the sun’s coming through and fog in the alpine valleys looks brilliant. So a bit annoyed at Google now then.

I thought about just hopping off, and buying new tickets tomorrow (the total was about 12 euros) but didn’t in the end. I guess I’ll just have a wander around Nova Gorica/Gorizia for lunch at the border, which I have to cross on foot (seriously, no Slovenia-Italy trains!!!) and then on to Trieste for a wanderabout. At least Trieste to Venice will be easy on Wednesday now! 

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