Not Quite Sure How To Finish This

Ljubljana 8-9-13

Well, just a few days left, and it looks like the last leg could be a bit complicated. It seems there’s no direct Ljubljana-Venice train, although the LP says there is, and a couple of the museums show pictures celebrating the line being built. But no, apparently it doesn’t run, which leaves me with a bit of a question.

A Vegan Festival in the middle of Zagreb,
the night before I left

I’ve got two full days left. Originally I was thinking Trieste, but that looks complicated from a transport point of view (actually, it just looks like Slovenia – Italy is complicated from a transport point of view). It’s too long to stay in Ljubljana, but I don’t think it’s long enough for Venice, which I never really intended to go to anyway. My idea now is tomorrow night up in Bled in the Alps, back here Tuesday evening, then Venice on Wednesday, maybe for lunch before the airport. But it just seems I’m a bit limited for options going across that border (which, thanks to Schengen, now only exists on maps anyway!). 

Oh well, I’ll hopefully I’ll figure it all out before Wednesday morning…

Part of the Ljubljana Dragon Bridge

The rest of my time in Zagreb was pretty good – Aesop’s Fables only lasted two days, so I ended up finding possibly the best bookshop ever, and buying several (ie too many) books. They were, however, priced at UK prices, so there two books are the most expensive things I’ve bought in Zagreb, which includes two fancy meals to fried calamari and a tuna steak.

I went to the Archaeological Museum for a look around, which was ok enough, and for another 10 kn (about a pound), saw the special exhibit about glass from across Croatian museums. That was spread across three different museums, so gave me a bit of a wandering – interspersed with lunch and a pint – to do. After the third, which was basically just a small gallery to contemporary Croatian glass art, I went for a bit of a wander, until I spotted a sign for a technical museum.

A big pillar to Napoleon?

That turned out to be a brilliant afternoon in a massive shed that smelled of machine oil, with all sorts of cool stuff: fire engines, a few planes, some boats, a three man sub, aircraft engines – including a Merlin!, a big exhibit on key engine inventors from Watt through Otto, Diesel and Wankel, and loads of other stuff. I also managed to get on a tour (fully in Croatian) of a replica coal mine, which was quite cool, despite having no clue what was being said! There was also a room dedicated to Tesla (the man, not the car) and a bit upstairs about green energy and improvements in energy saving over the years. All in all, an excellent afternoon. After that, I wandered back, posted my postcards, found the bookshop, some tea and hung out with a few people in the hostel.  

Yesterday, I got up, had some brekkie and a coffee, and then wandered through the Dolac, picking up some raspberries for the train, and, with my last 50 kuna, a bottle of honey brandy which I’ve not yet tried. Then off to the station and across to Slovenia.

I dropped my bag off quickly enough, then wandered out. It turns out that the Eurobasket competition is on, in Ljubljana, right now, so there’s a big bar/cafe in the middle of town with TV’s showing it. I spent an hour or so there settling in. After that I had a bit of a wander, but nothing too serious, then some food and a few more points watching basketball and tennis.

Down over one of the big squares in

Today, I headed for the castle, which can only be described as odd. It’s clearly been updated, as it’s mostly steel and concrete, with only a few bits of ‘castle’ on show. It did have a tower, with a truly epic view though, and then a pretty cool museum with the history of Slovenia as well. After that I came back down the funicular (far too lazy to walk down), grabbed some lunch and headed for the wheel exhibit in one of the museums. I thought it was going to be a reflection of however many thousand years of the wheel. It turned out to be a smallish exhibit to a particular 5000 year old wheel found not so far away.

As to my plan for the rest of this trip, I’m still aiming to head up to Lake Bled tomorrow, and then back Tuesday afternoon, and then hopefully work out a train or a bus to Venice on Wednesday morning, hopefully in time for lunch before heading to the airport and off back home. It’s been a good little wander, but as ever, it’s not been enough and I’m really now ready to head back yet, but, until I figure out how to earn enough to sustain me whicle I’m on the road, that’s kinda the deal.


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