Well, basically I’ve now got around to making a real website dedicated to my unending desire to leave the tedium of crap jobs and dull 9-5’s (even when they start to pay well), and bugger off around the world to the unending joy of tea, beer and random, cool historical crap. From my (somewhat lazy and random) observations of other people’s writings on the subject of sodding off, there seem to be two real options: do what I currently do (travel a bit in between working, living and the rest, and never really get all the way to where you want to go), or the full balls-out wander for weeks, months and usually years.

With that in mind, it becomes a simple matter of actually getting the stones (and a small amount of cash) together to actually pack up and shift off; I’m not really sure where, but I’ve got a couple of thoughts to hit up along the way! I’d quite like to do the Camino de Santiago, and there’s just so much more of Eastern Europe, Russia and Asia to do, never mind me getting started on Africa or South America. If I could ever figure out how to support myself along-a-wander, then I dare say there’s a few years of things to see.

The key to a travel blog seems to be provide advice for others: lists of crap to pack, why they should visit some island in the arse-end of nowhere (usually it’s pretty and isolated and different and…). And I dare say at some point I’ll probably join in with that a little bit. I’ve not done much – most of my posts have been me, sat in a cafe in a pleasant little town, sipping away on the local tipple, and scribbling away in my notebook with a pencil, but I like to think that somewhere along the way I’ve learnt something useful I can share (eat right, wipe left springs instantly to mind, for example!)

This site then, remains a testament to my desire to sod off round the world, drink beer in countless countries and meet an array of assholes, barroom heroes, pint-pot-philosophers and the assorted, eclectic brilliance one tends to meet when they’ve got nothing more than a backpack strapped on. Maybe it even embodies that slight hope that I may even be able to fund it in some way other than the oh-so-boring ‘work, save, travel, rinse, repeat’ loop that I’m stuck in at the minute.

Until then though, the tagline up above, will, I think, suffice.


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