Screw it I’m Out!

My Last Couple of Posts

I started this blog back in the middle of 2010 when I had a terrible bar tending job, partly to vent, and partly to plan a trip around the world. At the time, I said that if anything ever comes off, then maybe I’ll actually post some pictures, travel stories and assorted other travel-blog-like-stuff on here too.I’ve done a bit since then, but as always, life moves on – I got a different (better?) job, moved to Scotland (note – far too many Scots in Scotland), and still haven’t managed to do much more than a few weeks here and there about Europe and America since.But the dream is still there.That’s why I keep writing really. The job may pay better and be slightly more respectable, but, in truth, it still makes me want to go and wander off about the world, generally mooch about and drink lots of tea and lots of beer. And until I get the cash and the bollocks together to sack it all in and do it, then I shall sit here, type up my ongoing diatribe, and drink, just drink.

Where I’m Off to Next